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Werewolf Romance on the Big Screen

The odds of having your book made into a film aren’t quite one in a million, but they’re pretty close. Of over three million books published each year, fewer than 150 will catch a film studio’s eye—and even fewer will actually get adapted.

It’s noteworthy, then, that the young digital publisher Galatea is receiving so much interest for its bestselling novel The Millennium Wolves. What’s even more notable is that the novel was written by the now famous author Sapir Englard during her night shifts in the army when she was only nineteen years old.

With sizzling-hot romance at the heart of it, and millions of fans, it’s no wonder The Millennium Wolves is creating buzz in the press and even in Hollywood—especially with the rising popularity of steamy romances on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

Despite popular belief, romance has never been a low-brow genre for bored housewives. It’s nice to see that the rest of society is finally catching on to this. These are stories that explore all the big life questions through the lens of human relationships. Sure, this philosophical quality may be more obvious in Bridgerton or Virgin River than it is in 365 Days, but if a story has you thinking about what you want out of life and love, that’s already pretty good, isn’t it?

So, how does The Millennium Wolves compare to other popular romances? And how likely is it to actually get a film or television adaptation?


At the heart of many popular romances is a(n often redheaded!), strong-willed woman not looking for a traditional romance, and a mysterious, handsome, and equally strong-willed man. Try as they might, the two can’t seem to stay away from each other, and we follow them on their journey, hopefully toward love and happiness. These qualities are also present in The Millennium Wolves, but the facts of wolf pack life make them a bit more complicated.

Englard’s werewolves are relatable in many ways, but their unique pack life adds a layer of intensity to everything. These are animalistic beings who mate for life and make love like their lives depend on it. On top of that, once or twice a year the mating season strikes and the whole pack becomes even more urge-driven than normal.

In the world of The Millennium Wolves, mating is so important, it’s just expected that anyone over the age of sixteen has done it. That’s why the protagonist, Sienna, is hiding the fact that at age nineteen she’s still a virgin. No one would understand it. 

Needless to say, when Aiden—the pack’s alpha and most desirable bachelor—sets his sights on Sienna, her life gets a lot more complicated. It’s one thing to resist a regular werewolf, but to deny the pack’s alpha is unheard of. Every woman wants him, but he only has eyes for Sienna. She, on the other hand, just wants to be left alone.


The combination of lust and humor in The Millennium Wolves is a huge selling point—one that we can see working well on screen between a couple with great chemistry. And while the film is only a rumor right now, many fans have already cast their favorite actors in the lead roles. For Aiden, Henry Cavill and Jason Momoa are favorites, and for Sienna, Sophie Turner and Molly Quinn are top choices. 

Neither Galatea nor Englard have confirmed that any serious deal is in the works yet, but the rumors about there being talks in that direction are too many and specific to be completely made up. Our guess is it’s only a matter of time before the book is adapted. 

Will the film or TV show be as good as the book? Your guess is as good as ours. If you haven’t already read The Millennium Wolves, millions of fans can recommend it. At the very least, you’ll be able to say “I’ve read the book” if the series really does end up getting adapted to the screen!