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Dating Apps and Adult Sites Have a new Competitor

In 2021, meeting Mr. Right is more complicated than ever. Single women flock to social media and dating apps for chances to meet men, only to find many of them are “emotionally unavailable” or “not looking for anything serious.” Women have started to look for new ways to satisfy their desires, and they aren’t using adult sites. They’re reading addictive romance novels on the hotly tipped reading app Galatea

The new competitor in the dating and adult entertainment sphere, Galatea, has been featured in Forbes, the BBC, and the Guardian as it continues to grow in popularity. The app has over 400 books in its ever-growing library, with a focus on romance, fantasy, and erotic novels. Galatea boasts over 15 million users who collectively read 6 million chapters every month.  

We all know it—traditionally, adult sites have catered to men. Let’s just say, men are from Mars and women are from Venus when it comes to that department. Our tastes differ. Women make up only around 20% of all adult entertainment consumers online. However, there’s a big increase in female users when it comes to dating apps. Women make up a whopping 59% of all users across the top 3 dating apps (Tinder, Match, and Bumble). What this tells us is, women seek real experiences over the falsehoods seen in adult entertainment. Sadly, those real experiences often suck too. Hands up, who’s been ghosted?  

Women are tired of bad dating experiences and pushing their needs and desires to the side. With the conception of Galatea, a romance and erotic reading app, the portion of women actively using dating apps or seeking out adult entertainment online becomes smaller and smaller. Galatea is proving itself to be quite the up-and-coming competitor as it rapidly snaps up market share boasting a 90% female user base.

Galatea thrusts readers into a world of high stakes and brooding sensual tension that threatens to break at any moment. The addictive reading app allows users to access romantic and erotic content straight from their phones in bite-sized portions. The intoxicating characters and storylines leave readers hungry for more. What sets Galatea apart from adult entertainment sites and dating apps is that it is truly a safe space for women to explore their fantasies, no strings attached. That’s the icing on the cake.

When it comes to personal tastes and finding a novel that floats your boat, Galatea has an extensive range of romantic stories that will leave any reader hot under the collar. Think werewolf romances, bad boy billionaires, motorcycle clubs, mafia bosses etc. There’s practically a type of guy for any mood. The bingeworthy Millennium Wolves series is a reader favourite. Readers are invited to feel every moment alongside the innocent, 19-year-old Sienna as she navigates life in a pack who are obsessed with satiating their most primal urges. Chosen by the devilishly gorgeous Alpha Aiden Norwood himself, Sienna is determined to hold out for love, but she’s never been tested quite like this before.

The Millennium Wolves also boasts immersive effects—visual, sound, and vibration—that drive readers even further into the steamy, suspenseful love story. But even with Galatea’s more traditionally produced romance stories, the app’s readers are still feeling the heat. That’s Galatea’s specialty: figuring out what its readers love most, then giving it to them.