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The Reading App for People Who Don’t Have Time to Read

Reading isn’t just relaxing. Research shows it can actually be good for us, too. Sitting down with a good book has been shown to reduce stress, help us sleep better and even keep our brains healthy as we age. But while many of us want to read more—there’s a reason it’s one of the top New Year’s resolutions—some of us simply don’t have the time. That’s where one app can help.

Galatea is an app that makes reading easy. Instead of thick, intimidating paperbacks, you can read books on your phone. The app delivers a book to you one or two sentences at a time—all you need to do is tap the screen to move through the story. 

Galatea has over 400 books in its library, focusing on romance, fantasy and erotic novels. It launched in January 2019 and already has 15 million users who are collectively downloading 6 million book chapters every month. It’s even been featured in Forbes, the BBC and the Guardian. 

Each chapter takes about 15 minutes to read, so even those with busy schedules can find time for books. Here’s how the app helps you fit reading into a busy week.

Get Hooked with Fast-Paced Reading

Ever fallen asleep while reading? Or given up on a book two pages in? Galatea makes reading addictive from the moment you start a novel. By tapping through sentence by sentence, readers stay engaged and immediately want to continue the story. This is what turns those who never finish books into avid readers on the app. In fact, many users have said they don’t usually read books at all, but they do with Galatea.

Some books on the app even have added special effects, like sounds and vibrations, to make the stories even more immersive. The app makes binge reading easier than ever.

Fit Reading into Any Moment

Your phone is probably one of the only items that’s always on you. By downloading Galatea, you're turning that item into a never-ending library of romance reads. Dive into books whenever you get a spare moment, like when you’re waiting in line, commuting to work or waiting for dinner to cook. This way, you can turn pockets of unproductive time in your day into time spent reading.

With Galatea, you can read one chapter of as many books as you like for free every six hours. Hooked on a book and want to read faster? You can simply purchase points to unlock more chapters.

The app’s library is always growing, too, with over 100 new stories added every month.

Discover New Books and Authors

Reading itself takes time, but so does finding new books to read. With Galatea, you can simply explore the app’s library of well-written romance content. See which books are trending where you live, browse new releases and get titles recommended for you. Got a favorite genre in mind? You can explore sections with books on everything from werewolf romance to historical fantasy.

To give readers novels that can’t be found anywhere else, Galatea turns to its sister app Inkitt to select the best-performing stories. Working with the original author—to adapt the content. This is how hit books like Millenium Wolves and The Arrangement were born—both of which have been downloaded by millions. 

One easy way to fit more reading into your life is by multitasking. By that we don’t mean flicking through an erotic novel while in a Zoom meeting. We mean adding an audiobook to tasks that require your hands and not your brain, like long drives or dog walks. 

Browse Galatea’s collection of best-selling audiobooks to add romance novels to these everyday situations. This way, even busy weeks with no time to sit down to read can feature some time with books. 

Make Reading a Daily Habit

Habits are powerful things—it’s thought that almost half of our daily behaviors are automatic. And while research shows it can take two months to form a habit, once you have it, it’s hard to break.

Sitting down to read a book every day is a tough habit to form. But tapping through a few pages on your phone? That habit is more achievable. With the Galatea app, you can add reading it to your morning routine by pairing romance novels with your first cup of coffee. Or turn your commute into a chance to read a new chapter. Either way, you’ll make reading a daily habit, and that’s the most powerful way of reading more. 

Want to fit more romance reading into your life? Download Galatea to get started.