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Gideon Is The Steamiest Audiobook Since Twilight

Werewolf romance smash-hit, Gideon spans over 3 books and has already been read by millions. Now available in Audiobook form on Audiobooks Plus, the best Audiobook app for explosive new romance novels.

Love that only very few people experience, but everyone desires.

Gideon has been a special ambassador to the Royal Lycan Family for over 200 years. Living a fast paced life without commitment other than to himself and the crown, he has given up on a mate and love entirely. Gideon stumbles into the life of a young woman who instantly changes his life forever. Lyla, at only 22 years old, is being pushed by her family to marry another man and start a family of her own. However, love comes fastest and hardest for those not searching for it…


Love is blind and that is certainly the case between Gideon and Layla. Sometimes, opposites do attract, even if they aren’t from the same universe.


200-year-old Gideon, adviser to the lycan royal family, has been searching for his erasthai for longer than most humans live. He long ago gave up, but tonight he smells something heavenly… He follows it to his bed, and finds someone is already there…

22-year-old Layla, a human in a family of werewolves, has been trying to be independent her whole life. But after taking a shift from a sick coworker, she ends up in a house that smells good enough to make her crawl into the owner’s bed…naked…

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