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Chasing Kiarra Is A Summer Smash Hit

Best selling werewolf romance smash-hit, Chasing Kiarra has been the unputdownable novel of the Summer. Chasing Kiarra has already been read over a million times exclusively on the Galatea app. The app has received recognition from BBC, Forbes and The Guardian for being the go-to place for explosive new romance novels and Chasing Kiarra is a can’t miss story.

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Kiarra Belle has spent her whole life running, but what if she is actually searching for something she didn’t know existed? Growing up without any family, Kiarra unintentionally wanders into a small town bar where she immediately grabs the attention of the locals, and more notably, Aiden.

Aiden, the powerful masculine alpha, immediately knows this beautiful stranger is his mate, but he also knows the dangers of accepting a human mate.  Despite the risks, Aiden can’t seem to keep his distance, nor does he want to.

A love that neither Aiden or Kiarra could see coming. Can Aiden love a human and stop the chase that Kiarra has been on for so long? More importantly, can Kiarra accept Aiden’s secrets and become part of the pack?

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CHAPTER 1: Sam’s Bar

Once I walked inside of the bar I was immediately hit with the scent of beer and cigarette smoke.

For some people it would be disgusting, but I had worked so many bar jobs in the past 6 years since I turned 18 that it almost felt like home. Inside it looked pretty much like every other bar.

It’s dark interior was dimly lit, and tables were scattered all over with small candlelight’s placed in the center of each and everyone of them.

There was a pool and games area off to one side of the room with two pool tables, a dartboard hanging off the wall, a table for beer pong and a few slot machines.

The bar itself was placed off to the side and was made out of dark wood, and behind it they had every bottle of alcohol neatly displayed on top of shelves that hang on a mirrored wall.

The glasses were shining with not a single spot of dirt on them and it made everything look surprisingly clean for a bar.

The music was blasting, but not so loud that you couldn’t hear your own conversation and thank God there wasn’t a dance floor. That would’ve been a little too tacky at a bar like this one.

All in all it seemed like a bar worth visiting and from the looks of it, so thought every other young person in town as well.

Almost everyone in the bar looked young, probably between the ages of 21-26. Some looked a bit too young to be at a bar, but I had learned over the years that that was always the case in small towns.

They rarely cared about the legal drinking age since the bartender probably knew how they had looked in diapers.

The bar was full of life, and the atmosphere was just buzzing with life. Guys and girls were having a good time, drinking, laughing and singing along to the lyrics of “Life is a highway”

I smiled a little at the good atmosphere and made my way further into the bar through the door.

The wind decided to pick up again outside and blasted through the door, almost making me stumble the last way through it.

I shook my head laughing to myself at how ridiculous it would have looked if I had actually been tripped by thin air.

I looked back up again as I realized the sudden silence in the room and found every single eye in the bar pointed at me.

Damn, have they never seen a girl walk into a bar alone before. Jesus, get a life.

I gave my best death glare to the people but they kept staring until a loud ringing noise was heard from the bar.

I glanced the way of the sound, as did everyone else, and saw a middle aged man with one of those big mountain men beards that went all the way down to his broad chest.

His arms were probably as big as my thighs if not bigger, and he was tall. Maybe 6 feet.

To anyone he would be damned frightening to look at, so in a bar setting it was kind of comforting having him working behind the bar.

The loud ringing noise sounded again and I realized he was ringing a golden bell hanging from the ceiling.

“OK everyone, we have a gracious gentleman offering to buy everyone a beer tonight, so next round is on him.” the big man yelled out and it seemed to get everyone out of their earlier trance.

They started talking amongst themselves again and most of the stares at me stopped, even though I did feel some of them were trying a bit too hard not to stare.

Surprisingly enough nobody got up and went to the bar to get their free beer.

Maybe it’s an all night offer so they weren’t in a rush, but I made my way towards one of the bar stools at the end of the bar and send the bartender a smile.

“Well if someone offers a beer and saves me from the staring, I hardly have the heart to turn it down.”

The bartender made his way towards me with a kind smile and handed me a bottle of beer, which one I had no idea and I didn’t really care.

“Sorry about that miss, we aren’t that used to seeing new people in town. Everyone knows everyone, so the youngsters here haven’t learned their manners yet” his voice wasn’t as dark and gruff as I had expected, but rather calming and I found myself smiling again.

“No problem, I kind of just stumbled over this town and figured it seemed nice enough. Though you do lack signs and motels” I smiled at him as I took a good sip of the beer before setting it back down on the bar. The cold beer did wonders for my mood, and the warmth from the bar had already warmed up my body from my little walk.

I felt the stares at my back again but kept acting like it didn’t bother me.

The stares, nor the feeling that everyone in the bar were listening to my conversation with the bartender, was going to ruin my little time out after the long journey.

“Yes we will have to look into that for the next visitor coming along. Name’s Sam and this, this is my place.” He gave me a smile and made a gesture around the bar with one of his arms as he spoke.

“Nice to meet you Sam, Kiarra Belle” I gave him a smile and raised my beer in a small salute, before taking another sip and a look around the bar again.

The other customers had gone back to their conversations but there were no more happy singing along, only tight and forced smiles and quiet whispers while they all sneaked peeks at me every once in a while.

I shrugged my shoulders and turned back around to Sam.

“Say Sam, you don’t happen to be a bartender short?”

Shaken, not stirred

It took 4 more beers before I had finally convinced Sam that I was serious about the bartender job.

He had given me a look that clearly said he didn’t believe a girl could handle being behind the bar at his place.

I took great offense at that. It wouldn’t be my first bartender gig, wouldn’t even be my second. I had been a bartender on and off in the different towns I had stayed at since I turned 18.

Yeah, I was technically not allowed to be behind the bar back then but I had a pretty decent fake ID that had convinced the shady bars and pubs around, that they could hire the girl with a great rag without trouble by the authorities.

Their words, not mine.

But the most difficult task had always been to convince the men of the industry that a woman could swing a bottle and mix a cocktail, just as well and fast as a man could.

They didn’t mind hiring you for the wardrobe of course, with small tight tops that showed everything except the nipples. Pigs, all of them. But it was easy money and the tips were great.

After my last waitress job with Marlin the ass-hat I was too sick of working at Diners for a while, so bartending seemed like the better option.

Sam had been reluctant to say the least but I had talked him into letting me show off a bit of my skills.

I was now standing behind the bar ready to show him how to throw around a bottle or two.

I had taken off my jacket earlier, I was luckily just wearing my standard black jeans, with my black of the shoulder crop top, so I pretty much looked like I belonged behind the bar.

“Alright Belle, show me what you got” Sam had taken a stand at the corner of the bar with his arms crossed, leaning against the wall.

He looked amused, probably thinking of all the ways I was going to fail. I flashed him a dazzling smile, and turned around to the computer screen hanging on the wall, picking my music. When “Pour some sugar on me” started blasting in the bar, I started swaying my hips lightly laughing to myself. If this song didn’t get you into a party mood, we couldn’t be friends.

First thing I did was grab one of the square napkins with the print Sam’s place stamped on it.

I placed it on the top of my other hand, flipped the hand and placing down the napkin on the bar. I took one of the glasses, threw it in the air, catching it and placed it down on top of the napkin.

I continued on my little journey and went to grab the bottom shaker, flipping it in the air, grabbing it with the other hand and going for the ice cubes.

Once the ice cubes were in the shaker, I grabbed it at the top, swung it around a few times, twirling it without any of the ice dropping.

At this point I was very aware of all the stares. No one was hiding or masking their amusement or curiosity anymore, but I didn’t care. I loved performing and that was what this was.

Every twirl, every movement was a well rehearsed line and this was opening night.

I looked to Sam as I picked up the top shaker and I couldn’t help the small laugh escaping me as I did a little twirl with my whole body, grabbing the vodka on my way back around.

Sam looked a bit surprised so far. He was no longer leaning against the wall, but instead standing up straight with his arms at his side, intrigued.

OK Sam, I get it, it takes more to make your jaw to drop. You got it.

I grabbed the bottle at the top between my middle finger and index finger, rotating it around in a complete circle before rotating it again, another half circle with its opening pointing to the shaker in my other hand, pouring in about half the content the drink would need.

As I directed the bottle back up, I heard the of whistles and praises from around the bar, smiling I threw the bottle into the air, catching it on the back of my hand, holding it still there before I pushed it back into the air, grabbing it in my hand once again.

This time I heard a few cheers from around the bar and couldn’t help but laugh and sway my body to the music.

This is the atmosphere I loved at a bar, having everyone’s attention and giving them a good time.

This time when I looked towards Sam, I saw his eyebrows raised and eyes completely trained on what I was doing. Guess it was time to do the final flashy move and make that jaw drop.

I acted fast as I threw the bottle into the air, placing the shaker at my right elbow squeezing it in, catching the bottle with the same hand and tipping it so the rest of the vodka needed poured into the container.

I stretched out my arm letting the shaker drop, but caught it with my other hand.

I did a few more twirls and rotations before placing the vodka back down and pouring in some vermouth together with the vodka.

I threw in a few extra twirls for the crowd that obviously loved them before grabbing the bottom part of the shaker with the ice, shaking the contents for a bit before finally pouring in the liquid through the small opening so no ice followed.

I turned around to Sam with a smile and slid the cocktail towards him.

“One vodka martini, shaken not Stirred sir” I gave him a playful wink and just couldn’t help the laugh that followed as I saw the sight in front of me. The big scary tattooed man stood there, jaw basically at the floor, looking like he just witnessed dinosaurs walking the earth again.

It took him a few moments to gather himself again but when he did, he shook his head and started laughing like a wild man.

The whole bar joined in and the room was filled with laughter, everyone having paid close attention to the whole show, and the carefree atmosphere from before I had walked into the bar had returned.

After having calmed down Sam came closer and grabbed the drink, taking a big gulp of it before turning to me.

“Okay 007, When can you start?”

Chapter 2 – Bachelor Pad

Sam and I quickly came to an agreement and I had my first shift tomorrow. But for now I was enjoying the warmth of the bar and the cold beers.

“So Sam.. Is there any sort of motels or something in this weird little town? I need a place to stay while I’m here and I couldn’t find any on my way here from the train station” I took another gulp of the beer and looked around the bar again while waiting for an answer.

The carefree atmosphere came back to the place after I swung around the bottles earlier. Everyone had gone back to their cheerful conversations, games and singing along to the music.

I could still feel the stares every now and again but it wasn’t as bad as it was before. Sam seemed to think it over before he answered.

“No motels, but I actually have a small living space above the bar. I don’t really use it. Used it back when I was single, but my wife didn’t find it appropriate to live in after we ma.. After we got married and had kids. I could rent it to you. It’s like the bars own bachelor pad.”

I looked back at Sam and raised my eyebrows. “You would rent it to me? You don’t even know me and you let me live above your bar, no questions asked?”

It didn’t make a lot of sense. The man only just met me, he had already given me a job and now he wanted to let me live in his bar.

“I know, I’m quite surprised myself. But I have a good feeling about you. You seem a little... Well you seem like a bit of a flight risk so I wouldn’t be surprised if you up and left one day. But I still think you can be trusted. I have a good feeling about you Kiarra and I always follow my instincts.”

He laughed a bit before nodding his head towards a staircase behind the bar. “Follow me, I’ll show you”

I shook my head a bit but hopped of my stool and followed Sam up the stairs.

He hit the nail on the head with his description. I wasn’t the most dependable person, I was very much a flight risk, but I was always honest and overly straightforward.

Never stole money from my jobs or did anything to intentionally hurt other people. It was only if they pissed me off anyways.

“This floor is my office, so if I’m not in the bar you will probably find me here.” We moved past the first floor door and stopped at the second floor while Sam fished around for a set of keys.

“And here we are. It’s not much but you have your own bathroom, kitchen and bedroom” He unlocked the door and let us into a small apartment.

We walked straight into what was a combination of a living room and kitchen. The kitchen had all the necessary equipment, a small kitchen island with two chairs. The living room had a couch and a small coffee table.

To the left was a door that led to the bathroom and to the right was a small room with a bed placed in the middle.

“It’s great, seriously Sam. I have lived in places half this size and that felt like a mansion. So this will be like my own little palace” I laughed and walked into the bathroom to check it out. No bathtub, but that was a luxury I rarely could afford.

“Well live it up Princess, it’s all yours for now” I could hear Sam’s laughter as I entered the bedroom and had a look around. Princess. That was gonna stick.

“Well I have the keys right here and I’m leaving this place to you. Just.. Try not to burn it down. I mean with all the alcohol downstairs that’s not gonna be pretty if it goes puff.. ” he made a small blow up motion with his hands and I had to laugh at that.

“Oh don’t worry, I usually don’t cook much at home so it’s not a problem. Might accidentally drink all the alcohol but don’t worry about it burning” He laughed at that as we headed back down the stairs and into the bar.

When we walked back in the atmosphere had changed once again. It wasn’t as relaxed as it had been 5 minutes ago and the small-talk had gone down to a low hum in the background.

I took a look around the room as I sat back down on my stool. When I didn’t notice anything different I turned back around to the bar as Sam was opening another beer for me.

“Why so tense in here all of a sudden?” I placed my feet up on the stool next to me and leaned back in the chair I was sitting on while sipping on my beer.

Sam just shrugged his shoulders, but kept looking towards the front door every now and again.

These people were weird.

“When do you close anyways? It’s like 5 in the morning and people don’t seem to be on their way out” as I was speaking the front door opened and a shiver ran down my spine as the wind blew in.

I was about to turn around and see who in the world would be going into a bar this late, but got distracted when Sam spoke again.

“Oh we open up pretty late, and don’t really have a specific closing time. People in this town work at weird hours, so their downtime is usually after midnight. I keep this place open as long as people need.

“Don’t worry about it though, I will stay until close most nights so you won’t have to stay into early in the morning” I laughed a bit and gave Sam a smile.

“I’m not really that picky about my work schedule. I like to work and the last bar I worked at was open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Lots of day drinkers and lots of night owls.”

Sam gave me a smile but turned his attention to someone behind me.

I felt a burning sensation all over my body and a shiver ran down my spine as I felt a body move closer to my back...

Chapter 3– Kitten

“Alp… ” Sam started to speak but cut himself off with a cough and stood up straighter. “Ahem, Aidan. Good to see you. What can I get you?” I wasn’t paying much attention to Sam.

I couldn’t focus on anything but the pleasant tingling sensation I felt all over my body as whoever stood behind me came in closer.

Okay Kiarra get a grip. I looked to Sam who was still staring at the person behind me, this Aidan person.

When no answer came from the person behind me, I slowly turned my head around to see who the hell it was that clearly didn’t understand personal boundaries.

But mostly it was to see who was the cause of the tingling sensation and what I saw made my heart skip a beat.

Before stood me what could only be described as a Greek god. An Adonis, a supermodel, the human equivalent of sex on a stick.

That didn’t even make sense, but my brain was shut off for a moment to admire the creation before me.

He was tall, way taller than me, but I was only 5′4 so that usually didn’t mean much. But this guy had to be at least 6′3 and in addition to the height, he was muscular.

Not the big bodybuilder muscle type, but even through the dark shirt he was wearing you could see the abs and the muscular build. His upper arms were big and toned.

But his face was what really caught my attention. He was a fucking gorgeous piece of man. His face was definitely that of man with a sharp jaw that could probably cut through stone.

It was covered in a slight sexy stubble, and that paired with the slightly crooked nose that looked like it had been broken a few times before, screamed sex and pure masculinity.

But even though his face and body was a masterpiece in it self, and it definitely wasn’t helping that the shirt he was wearing seemed to have been poured over him, that wasn’t what took my breath away.

No it was the ice blue eyes that was staring back at me. They were so intense, and the little bit of dark hair that fell in front of them did nothing to shield me from their intense gaze.

He looked at me and it was like there were no one else in the room. Everything else disappeared and there were only us. Like no one else mattered in the world but us.

That’s the kind of look he was giving me. And even though it burned right through me and warmed me up in all the right places, it also scared the shit out of me.

I had never wanted a guy to look at me that way, it was terrifying. It screamed commitment and I didn’t do that shit. So the walls went up and they went up fast.

We had been staring at each other for what felt like years when I heard someone coughing behind us.

It somehow broke me out of the trance we had been put in, so I took a deep breath and turned around back to Sam. I had to shut this down, fast.

“Seriously Sam, what the fuck is wrong with the people in this town and the staring. Don’t you guys have like hobby’s or some shit. You’d think you’d never seen a girl before in your life.” I snickered and tried to sound tough, even though it probably sounded at little breathy.

I put the beer bottle back to my lips and took a big gulp to try and satisfy the sudden thirst I felt and since I had put my vagina on hold these days, the beer would have to help keep the thirst under control.

I looked to Sam and tried very hard to ignore the burning at the back of my head, but it was very distracting.

Sam had eyes the size of saucers and didn’t answer me at first, but after a few seconds of silence he coughed again and send me a small smile.

“Like I said Princess, we are not used to new people in this town.” I smiled at him and his new pet name for me, but didn’t answer because the burning didn’t stop.

I could still feel Mr. Panty Drop’s body heat close to my back and I swear I heard a low growl from behind me when Sam called me Princess. He may be hot but he had to stop being a weirdo.

I turned my head back again and looked up at the man with a scowl on my face, ignoring the burning that started in my stomach and slowly moved its way down to my core.

“Can I help you with anything? Or are you gonna stare like that all night?” I raised my eyebrow at him and looked him over once again, avoiding the eyes this time.

His full lips were drawn into a tight line and you could see him trying to contain his anger.

Seriously the lips, stubble, and the defined jaw coupled with the messy dark brown hair and the muscles made him look sinful and manly. You just knew he was good in bed. Dominant and good.

A girl could get wet just looking at him. And a girl was.

But I covered it up with a scowl and a dissatisfied look on my face. He finally broke the stare and I swear I could almost see the steam coming out of his ears.

“Move your feet” His deep voice sent shivers down my spine and made me clench my thighs tight together, a sad attempt to keep my formally redundant pussy under control.

How the hell did the sound of his voice get me all hot and bothered? Not to mention wet. It was embarrassing.

My body was acting like a fucking teenage girl, not the 24 year old it was. Just looking at him had me bite my lip down hard so I didn’t accidentally let out a moan at the sight of him.

I must be going out of my mind, because I forgot to answer while staring at his handsome face and it shifted to a look of annoyance.

“Move. Your. Feet. Princess” This time I took note of what he said and the way he put a truckload of sarcasm on Sam’s nickname for me. I looked down at my feet that were still placed at the stool beside me and suddenly I found my voice again. What was his problem anyways? Might’ve been my attitude, but still.

“Sorry, I can’t. I’m deadly allergic to douchebags and you must be taking baths in that shit. I can already feel my throat closing up just looking at you” I scrunch up my nose in disgust while looking him directly in the eyes.

His eyes stayed at mine and I swear the gorgeous blue color turned darker as I spoke.

“Feisty.” he leaned in closer and I got a good sniff of the cologne he was using. I swear to every god that had ever existed, that stuff was created by the devil to entrap women.

“But feisty loses its intention, when I can smell your arousal a mile away Kitten. You are probably dripping wet for me already” He was so close I could feel his breath by my ear as he lowered his voice and my stupid heart skipped a beat, or was it my pussy?

But however right he was, the cockiness in his voice brought out the claws.

So I leaned back and felt my back connect to his front. I ignored the tingles and warmth I felt the moment we connected.

I cuddled a little into him and sighed content for a moment, dragging him in, hearing a small groan or was it a growl?

“You’re right.” I started out in a small sexy whisper, leaning further back into him. And just as I saw his arms move to go around me I sat straight up, grabbed my beer and said “Too bad you had to open your mouth and ruin it” before I took a swig from the bottle.

“The seat is taken so go find some other bitch to sell that shit to, I’m not buying it” I didn’t look back at him but focused on Sam again. I caught a glimpse of his furious face in the mirror of the bar and smirked a little.

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